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“Where every dog is an individual”

“Where every dog is an individual”

Achnabreac Kennels’ Grooming Room

Are you forever sweeping up piles of dog hairs that stick to your carpets or roll around the floor like tumble weed?

Do you own a short coated dog and think that grooming is only for fancy long haired breeds?

Do you have a puppy and feel he’s too little to attend the groomers?

Think again!

All dogs cast their coats; some seem to go on casting all year round. It is these fluff factories that will benefit from a grooming process called ‘de-shedding’ which removes far more undercoat than just brushing alone.


Should be introduced to the groomer at a young age, short appointments can be made so as not to tire puppy and also help create confidence.

Nervous Dogs

Can be treated in much the same way as puppies, a little and often will gain their trust and in the cases of extremely nervous dogs owners are asked to accompany.

At the Achnabreac Kennel Grooming Room all breeds of dog are groomed by Louise, who qualified early in 2021 with an Ofqual regulated Level 3 Dog Grooming Diploma from Glasgow Dog Grooming Academy and she supplies a full nose to tail service no matter how large or small your pet dog is.

When attending a grooming appointment both the dog and owner are made to feel welcome and are put at ease. The dog is bathed using the correct shampoo for its coat, conditioned and then dried. It is then placed on the grooming table where it is styled to either the breed standard or domestic pet trim as per the owner’s request.

The grooming session also includes nails being cut, ticks (if any) removed and if appropriate, ears cleaned. At all times your dog will be reassured and given Louise’s undivided attention.

All breeds of dog benefit from regular grooming or simply just bathing and although nails are cut when grooming, a service is also supplied for nail clipping only.

Please Note: Dogs that are boarding in the kennels qualify for discounted ‘Bath Only’ rate.

Winter Grooming

It is a common misconception that dogs should not be clipped or groomed during the colder months. Coats that are thick or matted will take longer to dry after a walk in wet or damp weather, with the result that the dog remains damp giving off an unpleasant smell and this in turn can lead to sore inflamed skin, particularly between the toes, in the armpit and the groin area. Winter clips can be left slightly longer and a shampoo, trim and blow dry will make your dog feel comfortable and smell better!

Achnabreac Kennels & Cattery

“where every dog is an individual and every cat unique”